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Introducing urbanEye AI

Experience a smarter way to manage your landscaping business.

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Unlock upto 20% more profits

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Real time Benchmarking

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No manual check-ins, and photo evidence

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Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Insights

Why urbanEye AI?


urbanEye AI is a duo of hardware and software that’s highly customizable and increases productivity manyfold that’s real time and never achieved by traditional practices. The fool proof device and software is easy to set up in 3 simple steps. The device is built for heavy duty performance & the software is a highly secured and powered by AI.


Product Features


Centralised Worksite Management

Streamlines worksite information data, such as property boundaries, square footage, operational procedures, estimated budgets, and more. Single source of truth for all stakeholders, and ensuring seamless operations at your worksite.

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Keeping Crew Connected 

Our IoT wearable tracker enables real-time monitoring of crew location, productivity, and work progress, ensuring efficient teamwork.


Real time Visualisation dashboards

No more check-ins, photos & manual reports! Track worksite progress with our smart dashboard by advanced geospatial technology to get real-time visualizations of activities & performance metrics with increased transparency.

AI/ ML Insights

AI_ML Realtime Production Banchmarking.png

Real time Production 


AI_ML Gespatial work Patter.png

Geospatial work pattern analysis

AI_ML Work completion Reports.png

Work Completion reports

AI_ML Actionable Insights.png

Exception Reports

AI_ML Productive Pulse.png

Crew Productive  Pulse

AI_ML Profit Impact.png

Profit Impact Reports

realtime dashboards (1920 × 1080 px).png
Green Pastures

Get Ready to Maximize Your Productivity With Our Solution


Unlimited benefits

Client Relation.png
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  • No more check-ins and photo evidence.

  • Track productivity with “Productive Pulse Monitoring feature”

  • Receive feedback to improve performance.

Client Relations

  • Reduced manual processes and improved efficiency.

  • Real-time data paves improved communication and accountability.

  • Access to automated work completions reports to support progress billing.



  • Ability to estimate future bids accurately.

  • Comprehensive suite of tools to stay ahead of the competition.

  • Optimizes customer satisfaction and maximizes profits.



  • Access to crew production rates for better decision making.

  • Focused training for crew members.

  • Gain insights on labour and equipment usage.

  • Ability to operationalize SOP’s and verify adoptions in real-time.

Happy Customers, Happy us!

-  Micheal Mayberry,
   CTO, LevelGreen Landscaping, USA


"urbanEye AI’s benchmarking and production leakage identification are invaluable tools for improving efficiency. Thus, making urbanEye AI a must-have for landscaping maintenance companies."

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"urbanEye AI helps us improve crew efficiencies and work completion reporting. Scalable for outdoor works like mowing and lawn care and has been a game changer for our company’s bottom line."

-  Daniel Currin,
   CEO, Greenscape, USA
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"Leveraging on SpaceAge Lab’s smart technology, we have been able to conduct grass height inspections more effectively with less manpower."

-  Ryan Lee
   Group Director, 
   National Parks Board, Singapore
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