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Experience the

urbanEye Vest

Introducing a game-changing safety vest with a high-precision tracker—a fusion of a re-engineered smart device and cutting-edge urbanEye AI software. Get ready to unlock endless possibilities for smarter landscaping management. With this innovation, crew operations can be seamlessly digitized in real-time, revolutionizing your operations.


A Well- Crafted

Experience seamless data
transmission with the

Battery with Solar Backup. It
features a convenient
swappable battery option!

Fabrics are designed with ergonomics in mind, using high-strength, lightweight, and waterproof materials.

Experience real-time crew
detect trips, falls, and
pinpoint their precise

Experience hassle-free
cleaning and maintenance

with our innovative
detachable design.



100+ hrs

Longer Battery Life

Less than

3 feet

Location Accuracy


1 sec

Real-time data

Streamlining Crew Operations

The rEye Vest technology frees the crew from manual property check-ins/outs and work report compilation. No more siloed tracking tools for crew trucks and mowing equipment or tedious manual entry software. With urbanEye AI, crew production is effortlessly captured in real-time, generating comprehensive work completion reports automatically.

Digitizing Crew Production

The rEye Vest is equipped with a high-precision tracker that serves as an accurate measuring tool. It captures crucial data, including crew production flow, completion time, and total square footage produced on a property. This invaluable device ensures meticulous monitoring and optimization of production processes.

Harnessing the Power of Data-Driven Ops Management!

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