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Stop Guessing, Start Profiting: Precision Planning for Landscaping

Updated: Mar 22


urbanEye AI

March 20, 2024

Stop Guessing, Start Profiting: Precision Planning for Landscaping

Landscaping is a tough work. You're always under pressure to get jobs done quickly, win bids, and keep clients happy. But here's a secret weapon: having a smart work plan, or what we call a crew path of motion. It's a game-changer!

What's a Path of Motion?

Think of it like a roadmap for your crew on each job. It lays out:

  • The optimal route: The best way for your crew to move through the property, saving time and steps.

  • The order of tasks: No more wandering around, wondering what to do next.

  • How long should each thing take: That's key for making sure you charge enough!

  • Who's doing what: Everyone knows their role, and there is no confusion.

Why You Need This

  • Get more done faster: A good plan cuts wasted time. Your crew works smoothly, not chaotically!

  • Win more bids: Know exactly how long a job takes so you can make bids that win and make you money.

  • Happier team, happier clients: A well-planned job site is less stressful. Motivated crew + faster work = happy customers.


A Real Crew's Story

Want proof this stuff works? Mark Borst, owner of Borst Landscape & Design, found that sharing his path of motion plans with his crew totally changed their mindset. Suddenly, his team was invested in beating those time goals, and it showed in their work AND the company's bottom line!

(Check out the article Hitting the Target: for the full story.)

5 Steps to Get Started

  1. Time yourself: Track how long your team takes on common tasks. This is your starting point.

  2. Train the crew: Show everyone the new plan and explain why it matters (faster work = more money for them, too!)

  3. Get techy: Simple apps can help you map out job sites and plan work routes.

  4. Talk it up: Meet with your crew often, get their ideas, and show how the plan is helping.

  5. Celebrate wins: Bonus the crew when they beat time goals – keeps everyone on track!

The Power of Tech: Our Smart Safety Vest

Traditional path-of-motion plans are awesome, but we kick it up a notch. Our Smart Safety Vests take the guesswork out of efficiency tracking and boost crew safety. These vests feature:

  • High-precision GPS: We map the exact routes your crew takes down to the step.

  • IMU sensors: Track direction of motion, speed (SOG), and detect potential trip-and-fall hazards.

  • LTE comms: Real-time data exchange with our cloud servers for in-depth analysis.

This technology allows us to fine-tune your path-of-motion for maximum efficiency, and it provides valuable safety insights to keep your team protected.

Overcoming Roadblocks

Look, I know what you might be thinking:

  • "My crew will hate being tracked..."

  • "What if the weather throws off the whole plan?"

  • "This seems like a lot of extra work"

These are normal! The key is starting small. Pick one type of job to try it on. Train your crew well, and involve them in improving the plan over time. You might be surprised at how quickly they buy in once they see the results.

The Bottom Line

Landscaping is hard, but working smart makes it a whole lot easier. A crew path of motion is a simple, powerful way to level up your landscaping business. Think of it as your shortcut to success, boosting profits, reducing stress, and creating a team that works like a dream.

Ready to get started? Let's revolutionize your operations! Contact us today for a FREE consultation, and we'll show you how our path of motion plans AND Smart Safety Vest technology can transform your business.

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