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Experience the

rEye Vest

First of its kind combination of groundbreaking Re-engineered smart device and urbanEye AI software. Unlock a world of possibilities for smarter landscaping business management.

From US$ 19.90


A Well- Crafted

Experience seamless data
transmission with the

Battery with Solar Backup. It
features a convenient
swappable battery option!

Fabrics are designed with ergonomics in mind, using high-strength, lightweight, and waterproof materials.

Experience real-time crew
detect trips, falls, and
pinpoint their precise

Experience hassle-free
cleaning and maintenance

with our innovative
detachable design.



100 hrs

Longer Battery Life


3 feet

Real time Precision


1 sec

Real-time data trasmission

No more hide-and-seek with your Crew 

Embrace the future of technology device that’s re-engineered & integrated into a safety vest. When combined with the Next Gen urbanEye AI software it’s more than just a vest, it sets a new standard of innovation and comfort.

Monitor your crew with a centralised workspace

With its ergonomic design and exciting features, immerse yourself in the new-age technologies powered by data. Stay ahead with this fully immersive fit! To explore the combined pricing options click below


Ops Management

urbanEye AI Software.

urbanEye AI addresses the importance of job planning in the landscape business. Traditional methods of job planning estimating productivity are unreliable, leading to guesswork and inefficiencies.

Ops Management.png

Keeping Crew Connected 

Our IoT-enabled wearable tracker keeps your crew connected and on track, providing real-time data on their location, productivity, and progress. With this tool, you can ensure that your team is working efficiently and effectively, even in remote or challenging locations.

Connected crew.png

Centralised Worksite Management

Keep all your worksite data in one place, including budgeted hours, turf difficulty, crew sizing, and equipment types. With our platform, you can track progress and performance, identify areas for improvement, and ensure that your worksite operations run smoothly.


Real time Visualisation dashboards

No more check-ins, photos & manual reports! Track worksite progress with our smart dashboard by advanced geospatial technology to get real-time visualizations of activities & performance metrics with increased transparency.


AI / ML 

Gain Valuable Insights with cutting-edge AI/ML Capabilities, track realtime production benchmarks, and optimize work with advanced geospatial analysis. Stay ahead with comprehensive  work completion and exception reports, while monitoring crew productivity in realtime. 

Empower decisions, supercharge efficiency , and unlock greatness with the power of data.

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